Johnny Walker, Partner

Johnny has been helping builders and developers grow their businesses since 1997. He brings amazing insight and expertise from over 25 years’ experience in construction to the Lenders Wholesale leadership team.

With his extensive knowledge of new construction finance, Johnny is amongst the highest performing loan originators in the U.S, having personally originated over $1 billion dollars in total loan volume.

The key to his success is his loyalty and commitment to his clients, always being their biggest advocate throughout the ground-up finance process.

What’s even more impressive about Johnny is the size of his heart. He always sees the good in people and brings out the absolute best in them. He recognizes their challenges and helps them see things in a whole new way that blasts through their self-imposed barriers.

In his time away from work, he’s an explorer, an adventurer, and someone who “does life” with virtually everyone, including his clients, most who have become his life-long friends.

What’s best about Johnny is he does NOT sugar coat anything. If he says it, you can count on it. That’s just one of the many reasons his clients see him as one of their most valuable business and life relationships.