David Huey, CEO

David is a life-long entrepreneur who’s grown, and sold several businesses, one a multi-million-dollar company. Currently, he’s the CEO of Lender’s Wholesale, a private money lender for new construction and fix and flip loans.

David’s leadership is characterized by his desire to help others win. It’s why he’s drawn to real estate and partnering with investors and developers.

He truly appreciates how builders and flippers aren’t just transforming properties into beautiful new homes, they’re his kind of entrepreneurs.

David Huey

They embody David’s view of the American Way. They’re building great products, transforming communities, and helping solve the massive housing shortfall America is facing right now.

David also appreciates how our clients are investing their own capital, side-by-side with our capital, and putting their own blood, sweat and tears into creating each new home.

Professionally, David’s career achievements speak volumes.

In 1995, he developed relationships with over 125 MLS systems throughout the United State and Canada, and his company became the first nationwide aggregator of MLS data. It was a breakthrough accomplishment.

In the years that followed, the value of his MLS relationships attracted multiple offers for his company. So, he eventually sold the company to tech giant HouseValues (NASDAQ: SOLD) in 2003.

Fast forward to today, and Lender’s Wholesale has now funded over 3,100 projects and over $2.1 billion dollars in loans. Even more impressive is over 95.3% of the company’s loans come from current relationships or referrals.

Away from work, you’ll often find David chasing adventure mountain biking, snowboarding, or wake surfing on Lake Sammamish, where he lives with his beautiful bride of 28 years and sons Jack, Ethan, and Aden.